ABGAM receive the maximum certification as “Value Solutions Platinum Partner”, gained every consecutive year since 2018 and it means the maximum accreditation in a global level as Dassault Systèmes official partner, assuring the maximum quality in the services offered by ABGAM.

El SEGULA Technologies Group has a quality management system that identifies the overall of transversal procedures of the company and for the set of activities of the Group has got the certification ISO 9001. SEGULA Technologies is certified accordingly the regulatory requirements for aeronautical quality EN/AS/JISQ 9100.

Aimed at our client satisfaction, this system management by quality criteria foresees a systematic analysis of the client needs in the phase of contract review, just as the measurement of their satisfaction degree in all provision stages. This allows identify the standing improvement points.

ABGAM as Dassault Systèmes specialized partner receive the maximum certification Value Solutions Platinum Partner, which guarantee the services quality.

In January 2018, ABGAM received the Value Solutions Platinum Partner accreditation, the maximum grade as VAR (Value Added Reseller) from the multinational Dassault Systèmes. This places ABGAM as one of the best qualified worldwide companies in implementation of the different Dassault systèmes solutions.

This award encourages us to keep growing, in order to keep providing better solutions that met the needs of our clients, who have placed their reliability in us and help us to keep improving every day.

Client-focused Organization

Response capacity and tailored flexibility. Within the framework of its association with large companies, SEGULA Technologies Group spread a mirror organization. The account responsible, privileged partner with the client company, arrange its team, nominating engineers responsible of the relation with the client technical center. The account responsible has the required tools to guarantee the client company a process adapted to their needs, to achieve their greatest satisfaction.

A quality plan focused to the client, implemented by all involved collaborators, on the other hand, it defines the patterns of the undertaken collaboration, in all the association stages, since the project's need analysis and the offer creation, since the team assignment and since the control’s implementation until the services improvement.