In Aerospace and defense industry, client’s expectations growth (low costs, most demanding standards and enhancement functionalities), just like growing programs complexity, are the reason why the fact of being more competitive in the market is more and more difficult.

At the same time of the increase of design complexity, development and systems delivery, the OEM and suppliers have to speed up the innovation, promote the efficiency and take the leap to the future factory in order to speed up the manufacturing rates. Because of that, it is required a new way of conceptualize, design, simulate, manufacture, certify and keep new air and space vehicles. Aerospace industry companies, one of the most powerful and innovative, have to be focused to the Digital Transformation in order to improve their processes and not only with increased agility, but faster and more effective way than their competitors.

The perspectives for aerospace and defense industry companies seems to be promising, taking into account the continuous growth of commercial aviation and the recovery of defense expenses. The industry leaders have to be transformed, due to the new stakeholders use non-traditional technologies and approaches for revolutionizing the aerospace industry, which already has a great maturity.


  • Minimize the innovation risks
  • Accelerate the collaboration across departments and enhance the innovation
  • Integration and management of the entire product lifecycle, from idea conception, through design, to manufacturing and sale.
  • Minimize production delays and speed up manufacturing times
  • Integrated digital management of all processes
  • Scale the business digital transformation according to its growth