From consumer electronic to control systems and telecoms, the high technology products are not anymore mere “products”, they have become fundamental change enablers for transforming the world and the way that we live. The connectivity and the intelligence are becoming these products in real personal and professional experiences.

Internet of Things (IoT) ease the creation of what is called the “internet of experiences”, where development of new usages and business models among industries, is not only limited to the physical products, it goes far beyond in order to join software, intelligence based on Bigdata, networks and content ecosystems.

There are three main elements that distinguish the innovation in the high technology industry: its frenetic pace, the competition and the complexity. For this reason, it is needed that the companies of this industry find new ways of reassessing the traditional business processes and adapt new methods of innovation and management for remaining competitive attract more customers.


  • Greater agility and responsiveness
  • Stay ahead of changes and the rapid technological evolution of the market
  • Go one step beyond the mere proposal of products and services, and create customer experiences
  • Encourage innovation and take advantage of IOT as a driver of digital transformation
  • Remove bottlenecks
  • Reduce business complexity and leverage information and data management to create a competitive advantage