The increase of urban population around the world has led to the concept of <>, where the digital innovations are used to meet the challenges that have stalked the cities for a long time. The construction boom linked to this, means greater demand to AECO equipments. This boom not only have to build structures and systems in harmonious and efficient way, if not design them thinking about long-term sustainability and resolve different problems of all parties concerned.

When the technology connects, almost everything that surround us, which are our priorities to enhance the construction environment? Which processes and systems let us create comfortable, harmonious, dynamic and sustainable structure and cities? How will we use the cloud collaboration, 4D simulation, automation, digital continuity and virtual environments for transforming the traditional processes of design and construction of our buildings, civilian infrastructures and cities? In order to survive and succeed in the post-digital era, all equipment, huge and small, that work in the construction, cities and territories, have to organize around the following key enablers:


  • Provide the most information to ease decision making
  • Innovate in new construction methods
  • Analyze and simulate construction to ensure project efficiency
  • Management and total control of the project, taking into account those responsible, execution times, etc.
  • Digitize project information and generate value from data