The companies of Energy and materials industry, including gas and oil, mining, metals and minerals, and chemicals have to face multiple challenges. The concern about the environment and the attention payed by the general public to these questions, increase the interest for finding alternative solutions that change the traditional business models. At the same time, an old infrastructure and new actives, are more and more demanding from a technical point of view and can present an additional complexity. The prices inconstancy and the low productivity put continuous pressure on the benefits. 

Energy and materials industry businesses have to diversify into new companies, speed up the innovation, improve their infrastructure and the efficiency of their organizations. In addition, they have to improve their response capacity, by adapting the product delivery to priorities and customer demands and the continuous change society.

Discover how to answer to your challenges through the digitalization and collaboration thanks to an integrated approach. It lets inter-relate people, the information and the organization processes, ecosystems and value flows, which include engineering, product development and construction, just as the operations and the delivery.


  • Leverage technology to create innovative products and improve performance
  • Manage compliance with regulations and ease the health management, safety and the environment
  • Increase productivity and reduce costs
  • Have a single shared source information
  • Respond swiftly and anticipate market volatility
  • Create a collaborative, efficient and innovative work environment