Marine and offshore industry of today requires an important changes performance in the business model, in order to keep the profit. There is a clear need of process reassessment, act in an intelligent way and keep in contact with value chain in all levels, just as take into account the planet sustainability and take care of environment matters. Marine and offshore industry companies have to be ready to adopt the digital transformation in order to achieve an improved efficiency. It is fundamental the use of a business platform that allows a full continuity from the concept phase to the functional ship and boost the processes integration of design, engineering, simulation, manufacturing and business in a single collaborative environment to boost the processes efficiency.

In order to manufacture marine structures and ships more secure, clean and green, just as use new energy sources, it is needed to adopt a completely different approach. Discover which are the main business trends that boost marine and offshore industry companies.


  • Achieve greater effectiveness and efficiency in projects and improve profitability
  • Anticipate new market needs, innovate and anticipate competition
  • Ensure the projects reliability and minimize risks
  • Meet the regulatory requirements and ensure a sustainable business for the planet