Currently, the customer of consumer-packaged goods and retail (CPG&R) are not only worried about the quality and the products cost, now they want to live an experience and demand, more and more, customizations in the products that they buy. The competitiveness in this industry is huge, due to this when a trademark or retailer cannot fulfill these expectations, the costumers decide to change the option. Because of that, the products lifecycle in CPG industry are being reduced. The leading companies in this industry are using digital solutions in order to speed up the innovations from early concept, to the product delivered to the customer in an extraordinary speed for satisfying the customers and enhance the sustainable business growth. Currently, 70 out of 100 new products released onto the market, fails. Consumer Packaged Goods companies have to promote the innovation and reduce this rate in order to achieve success, get the maximum return and keep a sustainable business growth.

Achieve a profitable growth in the <> is a great challenge, that the Consumer Packaged-Goods and Retail companies have to face. There are several drivers that are the key for the success and the long-term growth.


  • Meet the high demands of customers, increasingly demanding
  • Minimize risks in new products launching
  • Use the power of information to succeed in decision making
  • Ensure compliance with quality, health and wellness regulations
  • Optimize planning and production
  • Reinvent the supply chain
  • Greater product customization and customer service

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