Improve how you create, update, and distribute product information

With CATIA Composer, your message will be broadcasted in an immediate and clear way, creating memorable moments.

CATIA Composer allows reuse the existing 3D design data, for creating and updating quicker the first quality deliverables, including documentation, technical illustrations, animations and 3D interactive experiences.

By taking advantage of the 3D capacity, you will offer to your clients, partners and other stakeholders a clear and comprehensive way of product communication. This significantly improves the ability for understanding and retaining the complex information. CATIA Composer also ease the deliverables creation of a product in the initial phases of the design cycle, by accelerating the market launch timing and minimizing the cost, which are drifted by the tasks repetition, due to the performed changes.

Easy-to-learn and use, CATIA Composer is the perfect complement for tools of sharing such as Microsoft Office, PDF and HTML content, with whom users are used to work. Download a trial version of CATIA Composer and change your way of reporting the technical data of your products.