Production planning and sequencing, improving your ERP capabilities.

DELMIA Ortems is a tool focused on collaborative solutions for the industrial planification and production sequencing.

DELMIA Ortems, advanced planning software increase your ERP capabilities and it is integrated with other traditional management systems of your company such as MES, SCM, PLM and the ERP, improving the efficient at every productive process.

Delmia Ortems ease the optimization and management of the finite resources limited capacity and the workflow synchronization, from raw material to finished good.

Delmia Ortems allows among other things:

  • Optimize the production sequence and assign the operations to the suitable resources
  • Consider the production limitations in their own calculations and handle the shift times based on it
  • Solve the complex production issues, nearly impossible to be solved optimally by human brain
  • The bilateral data exchange between ERP and Ortems