Industrial operations from virtual to real world

DELMIA allows the collaboration, modeling, optimization and implementing service operations and companies from different sectors through the capabilities of 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.

DELMIA, based on 3DEXPERIENCE platform technology, allows the companies to establish connections between the virtual and real world, a real world of value-networks which are for the purpose of collaboration, modeling, optimization and operations performance. 3DEXPERIENCE, permite a las empresas establecer conexiones entre el mundo virtual y el real de las redes de valor con fines de colaboración, modelado, optimización y realización de operaciones.

The operational excellence requires harmony in the whole value-network. DELMIA offers solutions for leveraging the capacities of modeling virtual world and the simulation in the operations real world and also provide a complete solution to the value-network stakeholders: from suppliers, manufacturers and logistics and transport suppliers to service and personal operators.


  • Collaboration operations: this solution offers a holistic digital axis, based in models and data controlled that divide the silos among different functional engineering users, operations and supply chain. Offers a shared and updated view of the manufacturing company and this helps the problem resolution and provides an efficient analysis of the root causes. Due to connecting these users, the companies are able to benefit of sight, control and synchronization in the while company.
  • Industrial engineering: thanks to DELMIA, the manufacturers and service providers can experience in a virtual way and include all operations, from the design impact to decide how to satisfy the worldwide demand. This is thanks to a single 3D data model in all operations, which cover engineering, manufacturing, logistic and service. For the manufacturers, the industrial engineering functionalities of DELMIA widen the view beyond the product until the manufacturing and operations, thanks to the chance of simulate manufacturing processes just before the availability of the real Plant or the product line.
  • Manufacturing and operations: DELMIA manufacturing and operations transforms the global product operations for achieving and maintain the operations excellence. This is achieved thanks to the digital continuity, a shared digital surrounding which connects all the stakeholders, for improving the vision, control and manufacturing operations synchronization and the process in the supply chain globally.
  • Planning and optimization: DELMIA boost the planification, programming and optimization based on the reality of the enterprise complex processes, in relation to manufacturing operations, logistic, transport and staff, taking into account all planning points of view.

Thanks to DELMIA we can foresee the problems with enough time for fixing the design, with the certainty that will not be errors through the manufacturing. In addition, thanks to DELMIA, the time acceleration is faster.