Plan and define the success management in your business.

ENOVIA opens the door to the new opportunities which allows you to develop, with business success, innovations and transformational products which provide magical experiences to your clients. With a wide technical and enterprise applications portfolio for all users of your company, ENOVIA allows you to collaborate and innovate in a secure way for creating and executing a success business plan. This is a flexible solution that allows the continuous optimization, the follow-up of the progress in real time and the fulfilment of the standards and regulations for transforming the market opportunities into benefits.


  • Planning and business model: ENOVIA offers capacities for creating and leveraging an exact digital version of the company for identifying in a better way market opportunities and plan products and services, in order to leverage these opportunities to the speed of the future markets. The intelligent business models provide in context information, helping the user to create more effective plans and this is consistent with the company strategy and corporate standards. Resources, capacities and innovations are identified to seize the opportunities in order to move in to the market quickly. Plans are created and implemented in a collaborative way, in order to leverage the best team resources and the innovations, just only for creating and protecting the business advantage in the market.
  • Product configurations: ENOVIA provides functionalities for developing innovations through the multidisciplinary collaboration, operational evaluations in real time and business intelligence, by allowing to get the maximum benefit of the best technologies in you value-network, for creating a virtual definition into an intelligent context and configured. The format analysis, the adjustment and the functionality in a complete context, guarantee the products achieve the requirements and exceed expectations just like they are designed. The validation includes enterprise consequences with useful information, in order to let the designers can model the corporate result of their own innovation. In addition, the engineers can work in an intelligent context, business-oriented, to offering innovation.
  • Quality management and compliance: ENOVIA offers quality in a functional level, providing a system effective and efficient for promoting the common quality processes, supporting the global and regulatory requirements and managing all the quality events, as well as Corrective Action and Preventive Action (CAPA), product non-conformity and audits in the whole company.
    The companies that work in a global level must ensure the material compliances to conform the regional environmental policies and ENOVIA allows the compliance managers implement a well-defined process for request, review and approve the material compliances and the products to evaluate, document and ensure that the material policies are satisfied.