Strengthen the bond between the people and a relevant data wide variety.

From tweets to transaction data, EXALEAD reveals the hidden information that the human beings need for understanding, participating and taking part.

Más de 110 millones de personas, en empresa y en Internet, confían en EXALEAD CloudView para buscar, explorar y analizar información de manera sencilla e intuitiva. Y lo hacen porque EXALEAD CloudView es la única solución capaz de recopilar, conciliar y aumentar grandes volúmenes de datos (internos o externos, estructurados o no, simples o complejos) para ofrecer una información que tenga sentido para los usuarios en su propio contexto, en todo momento y en cualquier lugar.


EXALEAD CloudView is the unified access platform which is the basis of EXALEAD solutions, also includes web search engines for the people (number 4 worldwide), the enterprise search solutions and vertical applications based in search.


The EXALEAD purpose is simple: to offer the right information in the right time in the most intuitive way. EXALEAD OneCall has been designed for the staff members and managers of contact offices, who set up the direct contact interface between the company and their clients.


EXALEAD OnePart is a business application that speeds up the component re-use, design, specifications, standards, test results, engineering and manufacturing related data, just as the supply processes.

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