EXALEAD OnePart allows to reveal hidden assets, re-use existing parts and reduce duplications.
Quickly locate and provide meaning to the information of the components.

The designers and engineers take crucial decisions that can include growth cost for the company. The engineers design new components progressively. Why they do not search and re-use similar components or equivalent ones from the existing assets? Because the components’ and the information search is a task that takes time and in which errors occur.

If they do not have access to an efficient tool for searching and quick comparing similar hidden components, inside data sources and scattered reserves in the company, the design engineers decide to create again the component instead of losing time in a futile search. However, create new components also affect in the result; the production and the new components purchasing involve a significant investment, just as the execution of new production procedures, controls quality and inventory.

EXALEAD OnePart is a business application that speeds up the component re-use, design, specifications, standards, test results, engineering and manufacturing related data, just as the supply processes. OnePart relies a semantic and web analysis system and the best technologies of relevant data management from EXALEAD CloudView for information tracing in multiple sources and make it available immediately

EXALEAD OnePart features
  • Components search, assemblies and drawing for the majority of databases, by including CAD providers, from the search bar with a field of complete text
  • Autocomplete web search for optimizing users request queries
  • Browse through primary and secondary assembly relations for finding the suited component
  • 3D Mechanical production (identify components in holes, pads, grooves, etc.)
  • Pair-wise and metadata comparison for identifying the component that can be re-used
  • Search by shape for finding similar components starting with a reference component
  • Clear display of charts and dashboards with configurable KPI for optimizing the analysis
EXALEAD OnePart benefits
  • Reuse of 2D/3D assets based on existing data at once
  • Re-adapting hidden components
  • Streamlining of new products development
  • Reducing time to market and increase the flexibility
  • Usage of existing knowledge for improving products
  • Usage of existing knowledge for improving products
  • Suppression of problems in last-minute release
  • Quality improvement and risks decrease
  • Suppression of design and duplicated components
  • Employees output increase
  • Suppression of problems in last-minute release
  • Processes and logistic optimization
  • Inventory and iterative support decrease
  • Lower cost and capital availability

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