Designing experiences

Generally, the efforts spent in product package design are used to result a debate between different groups and suppliers that used different systems. This means unnecessary duplicates, delays, cost increase and quality issues. What would you think if you can remove these barriers and have all the employees working together thanks to a single integrated business platform?

Perfect package is an Undustry 3D Solution Experience of Dassault Systèmes that allows a complete collaborative among manufacturers, design agencies, marketing area, packaging suppliers and graphic creation studios to create the best designs, manage and control the entire process, from creation to exhibition at the same point-of-sale. In this way, designs can be adapter quickly to the local markets from all over the world.

With Perfect Package the packaging design cycles and materials costs are reduced significantly and remove almost the 100% probabilities of product recall. Additionally, this solution let the companies re-use and modify quickly the designs for future increases of the lines, new sizes or adapt them to the local preferences, for the purpose of accelerate the marketing time and the expansion toward new geographical areas.