Maximize sales and improve the shopping experience

As the years go by the customers are not buying products anymore, they demand experiences. For that reason, it is crucial to understand the client and manage their shopping experience to get the most of our decision making.
The manufacturers and sales packaged consumer goods spend a lot of effort and resources in order to optimize the trademark and categories productivity, investing in marketing at point-of-sale, new packaging initiatives, product location, etc. however, how can we evaluate and value the new undertakings before do an unnecessary resources expense?

Perfect Shelf is the unique 3D merchandising software solution, that let the manufacturers and the sales packaged consumer goods manage and re-define the consumer shopping experience, visualize the impact of new ideas, optimize the spacing planification, etc. All this minimizing the time and the high costs that mean the current methods.

Gracias a la simulación de las configuraciones de las tiendas dentro de entornos virtuales 3D totalmente realistas, tanto las empresas de bienes de consumo envasados como los vendedores pueden comprender mejor las ideas y los conceptos nuevos, validar nuevas ejecuciones con los compradores y ejecutar experiencias de compra ganadoras. Y todo ello al mismo tiempo que se mejora la fidelidad del consumidor y se incrementa la rentabilidad de la marca.