Bienvenido a DCS


With the coming of Digital Transformation and its fast-moving, all manufacturing companies are subjected to a continuous pressure for putting out products of higher quality to the market, in a quicker way and with more competitive prices. The customers are really interested in the product quality and because of that the product risk management and quality management are key points for succeed thanks to PLM systems (Product Lifecycle Management).

  • The executive management wants to know: can we have clients glad and reduce cost in all domains?
  • The program manager wants to know: can we reduce the disposal level, reprocessing and design changes?
  • The Product Engineer wants to know: how can we fulfill the client quality expectations?
  • Manufacturing wants to know: have we took into account the processing capacity remarks?
  • Tooling wants to know: have we aligned the assembly and measurement strategies?
  • Quality wants to know: are we going to meet the quality targets that we have designed?
  • Purchasing wants to know: do we really understand the feasibility of record our costs and quality targets?

The dimensional engineering process breaks down traditional barriers among products, manufacturing and quality and enhance the collaboration across all company departments. The DCS software has been implemented to global level in many of world’s leading manufacturers of industry-leading products, such as:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Heavy equipment
  • Dispositivos Bio-médicos
  • High technology electronic
  • Consumer goods