TraceParts leading in 3D contents digital engineeringoffers progressive business solutions through products and wide-ranging Web services. TraceParts brings the market inclusion and the cost-effectiveness to the part suppliers in all industry sectors.

As part of Software Monitoring Group founded in 1989, TraParts develops and sell software solutions for CAD model libraries, electronic catalogs and product configurators specifically designed to fulfill mechanical industry requirements. TraceParts helps the clients to improve the marketing efficiency by increasing their existing data value of digital products.

The CAD portal is freely available to millions of worldwide CAD users, having hundreds of suppliers’ catalogs and 100 million CAD models and products datasheets oriented to design, sales, maintenance processes manufacturing.

The quantity of different third-party components is always growing in the engineering companies. Parts on demand are frequently redesigned, others components are designed and developed until the new suppliers join TraceParts. The fact that the Parts are online available and supported with all CAD systems has reinforced the fact of joining TraceParts.

The manufacturing industries wants to standardize the huge quantity of different parts, in order to save money and resources and at the same time increase the range of re-use of bought-in parts. Simultaneously, the components suppliers can improve their client’s relations if they can simplify their clients’ business processes and consequently work in a value-added to client/supplier role.