Design process consultancy

More than 15 years of experience in the design systems implementation support us.

The professional consultancy is needed for the tools’ usage, in order to guarantee their efficient benefit.We count on a technical team that will help you to fulfill this goal, by counseling you in the properly use of CATIA, in the design process speedup through the use of knowledge techniques or the programming specific functions in our software factory.

Support and Maintenance

For daily support in order to handle any trouble with the installation, administration or use, ABGAM offers several ways of assistance.

Helpdesk center

Our call center (helpdesk) is open five days a week, from 8 to 13:30hr and from 15:00h to 18h, our experts will help you with the highest reactivity of all PLM solutions, that you have chosen by using remote connection tools.

You have a user in the HELPDESK system that lets you the tracking of your support contract, the request for support reports and access to these requests history.

On-site support

According to your support contract you obtain assistance days for the hired applications. This service is accessible through your request in HelpDesk, with that you have chance that an expert can move to your facilities, defining previously the agenda of this support.

Intern maintenance

It consists of a lifelong in-situ assistance, it is recommended in case the volume of your company is significant. This service minimizes the operation problems and improve the applications performance on the part of your users.


Machining services

Machining production levels are currently demanded and are assumed by workshops, but in many cases, they do not have the enough resources for having the programs on time and be able to follow the optimization and quality policies that they have to fulfill.

ABGAM develops programming activities, simulation and set-up equipments and products for Airbus leading suppliers and other manufacturers.

Contamos con un equipo profesional altamente cualificado y conocedor de las normativas y procesos requeridos que ponemos a su disposición a fin de ayudarle a cumplir sus plazos, asegura el nivel de calidad y probablemente a absorber mayor caja de trabajo.