ABGAM offers consultancy services that let us suggest the solutions that best suits to your needs. We help you to define your growing and return strategy. ABGAM is expert in consultancy in 3 fundamental pillars:

 Digital transformation and Industry 4.0

In the age of the Digital Transformation and the industry 4.0 revolution the companies must adapt to the market change and new technologies for remaining competitive in the market, speedup your processes and meet your customers’ needs in a more effective way and better than your competitors.

ABGAM has spent many years adding value to Digital Transformation processes of relevant companies of several industries and we count on major clients who trusted us to enhance their business. ABGAM supports the companies in their business digitalization processes and helps them to find the best solution, taking into account their specific needs, according to their activity and requirements.

PLM Consultancy

From ABGAM we have a proven experience in PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) implementations and consultancy and we have the knowledge and the needed experience for helping you to set up your <>.

Our expert consultants’ team will create a road-map for the PLM implementation of your company. Starting at your approach and business, taking into account your organization, the business units and the information system, we will identify the priorities for the improvement of your processes and PLM solutions and the tools that best suits to them.

The PLM road-map creation adapted to your business is a necessary step to guarantee the success. This helps to define in an accurate way the PLM tool tailoring to your company and set up the key moves in its implementation to fully optimize the operational benefits.

Design processes consultancy

We have more than 20 years of experience in design systems implementation and as market leaders in CAD/CAM/CAE solutions sector, support us.

The professional consultancy is essential for the use of the market most powerful design tools in order to guarantee its efficiently use. For this reason, we have the best technical team who will help you to reach that goal, mentoring you with the suitable CATIA usage, in the design process speed-up through the use of knowledge techniques or with the specific functions programming.