The close relationship that we have with our clients is the reason why we receive several interests that we try to analyze and answer efficiently. Every client is a world and has specific needs that a tool cannot resolve on its own. It is needed a solution that can be integrated to the client business process and to the different systems that are already available in the company.

A large amount of the answers to these interests are shaped through the development of specific solutions. These can be mere macros or in some cases, complex systems that we can include to our portfolio in order to be traded with the purpose of helping other clients that can have similar needs.

We have a development team of vertical solutions, which are focused on solving specific client needs, placing the user in the center of the process. Thanks to a consultancy we are able to know their processes for adapting client’s business.

The development team programs the main solutions that we sale, solutions such as Dassault Systèmes or in a general way. All this performed with a wide range of languages; C, C#, Visual, .net, asp, aspx, java, jd2, html….

Some of the most important and extended are the documented in this section, but do not hesitate to consult your specific needs.

Below you can see some of the main developments that we have performed in some of our main clients: